Steps to Select Builder for Your New Home

    Steps to Select Builder for Your New Home

    Constructing a home is one of the most important decisions one makes in her lifetime. It involves major investment both in terms of money and time. And you can’t afford to make a mistake. It is necessary that you chose the right person for the job, someone who understands your vision, your dreams and your personality.

    But with so many construction companies out there, it becomes quite difficult to find that “someone”. So we decided to write a short guide to help you find that “someone” who is known for high-quality work and excellent customer care.

    • The 1st Step

    Conduct an online search for local home builders and it will give you results for the builders serving your area. Take your research one step ahead and try to find customer reviews from people who have utilized the home builder’s services. This may reveal some vital information and would help you to make the initial list of companies you’d want to interview.


    • The 2nd Step- Some more online search

    Try to find more information about the companies shortlisted in the 1st step. Visit their websites, find the year of establishment, try to ascertain the number of projects they have done. Try to establish contact with some of their customers online. Try to gauge the online presence the company has. Most of the big and reputed companies manage their online presence and are listed on various online platforms. Try to reduce the list to around 10-15 companies


    • Conduct the interview

    Setting up an appointment to fulfill and interview a potential home builder is the most important task. By meeting the particular builder face-to-face, you can get an idea about their communication and work styles and determine if they mesh with your own personal style and vision. Many people do not consider this important step and turn out to be disappointed by personality conflicts. Because you need to have a good working relationship with the entire home builder you select, it is helpful to know you might be hiring someone with whom you may get along and communicate expectations clearly.

    When preparing to interview a home builder applicant, you may want to compile a listing of questions to pose. Be sure to ask the builder to identify their philosophy and process for home design, including the typical timeline for a fresh build. It is always wise to ensure you are on the same page with your home builder in terms of expectations regarding quality and time.

    Another area to discuss with the candidate is their professional experience and work history. You may very well not want to jump on board using a newbie home builder. Having an experienced home builder taking on your project can give you peace of mind, knowing that they have things under control and will handle the work with professionalism.

    In order to get comments from customers on a candidate, it is appropriate to ask your builder for customer testimonials. You may even ask the builder when you can contact former clients to receive reviews so that you can help you make your decision. Nothing speaks louder to get a home builder than satisfied customers. If you realise that a candidate has left a trail of disgruntled clients it could be time to continue the search.

    Don’t forget to dig deep and thoroughly research a property builder before settling on the one to your new build. If a potential home builder seems put-off or annoyed that you will be asking questions and talking with earlier customers, this may be a red flag. Of course, there are plenty more fish in the sea—home builders who you will patiently answer your questions and compete for getting your business.

    Whether it is your first build or tenth, careful planning and selection of the property builder are the keys to successful project execution. By taking the right steps early, you can save a lot of headaches later.

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