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Union Building Services US, Inc

Commercial/ Industrial Services

We are a one stop destination for all your building maintenance needs. We constantly try to provide our clients the best quality at the most affordable prices. Our team is experienced and we use the latest tools. We deal in Masonry, Carpentry, Drywall installation, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC services, Flooring Installation (marble, tile, wood, carpet, laminate), Painting

Union Building Services US, Inc

Residential Construction

What sets us apart from others is our dedication for the clients. We understand the value which your home holds for you and do not compromise at all with the quality. What enables us to provide such consistent high quality is our experience. And with us you never have to worry about meeting deadlines because we are extremely punctual in delivering projects. The numerous homes we have created in the New York State speak for our work.

Union Building Services US, Inc

Retail Store Displays

Serving the entire East Coast, we work with custom fabricators to provide top quality fixtures for any kind of retail store or shop, large or small. We are also available to repair and maintain store fixtures and displays 24 hours a day. We also specialize in custom LED lighting and conversions.

Union Building Services US, Inc


We are experienced contractors providing residential and commercial restoration services in New Jersey. We are a one-stop destination from initial consultation and design to construction and post-job clean-up. Our services ensure that you focus on your busy lives while our experts provide you the perfect services in timely manner.

Janitorial Services

Our well-trained janitorial staff is properly uniformed and highly efficient, a reflection of the care UBS always delivers. In cleaning buildings, quality supplies and equipment are used to maintain an inviting appearance. We provide Commercial  cleaning, Warehouse cleaning, Matron services, Construction cleanup, Window care, Floor care and Exterminating and Pest Control.

We also offer Specialized Floor cleaning, Furniture Upholstery cleaning, Fabric Partition cleaning, Light Fixtures cleaning, Venetian Blinds cleaning, and Power Washing

Snow Removal

We provide complete snow removal service, ice control, shoveling, sidewalk clearing, and maintenance. In order to achieve this, we deploy a vast fleet of commercial grade snow plows, commercial grade snow removal equipment. We use the best de-icing products and facilitate complete winter services for corporate offices, retail stores, industrial properties, shopping centers, hospitals, health retail stores, and more

Union Building Services US, Inc


We have over 10 years of experience in providing expert services in Building Maintainenance, Residential Construction, Retail Store Displays and Remodelling Work.


For large commercial properties ongoing maintenance and repair services is a daily task. We offer you complete commercial facilities maintenance to minimize damage and give you peace of mind. We provide day-to-day maintenance needs. Whether you require office building cleaning services, HVAC services, concrete repair, or just a plumber, we are there. At the request of our customers we diversified in Remodeling and Residential Construction where too we have made a place for ourselves as experts.

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Our Work

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Retail Store Displays
Residential Construction
  • retailfixture5
    Retail Store Display Installation in New Jersey
  • retailfixture8
    Retail Strore Display Repair in New Jersey
  • retailfixture7
    Retail Store Display Installation in New York City
  • retailfixture6
    Retail Store Display for Jewelry, Perfume, Apparels, Toys in New Jersey and New York City
  • retailfixture3
    Retail Store Installation in New Jersey and New York City
  • retailfixture1
    Modern Store Fixture in New York City and New Jersey
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
    Complete Home Renovation in Nutley
  • construction3
    Home Renovation in Manhattan, New Jersey (Nutley, Newark, Atlantic City, Princeton, Patterson)
  • construction4
    Remodel and Renovation in New Jersey and Manhattan
  • LED lighting1
    LED Lighting Baseboard and Ceiling
  • construction5
    Quality Residential Construction in New Jersey and New York City
  • renovation1
    Home Renovation and Remodeling in New Jersey and New York
  • kitchen_remodel1
    Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living room Redmodelling in New Jersey and Manhattan
  • construction6
    Residential Construction in New Jersey and New York City
  • renovation3
    Kids Room Remodelling, Designing, furnishing

Why Us?


Our Unique Process

Our process includes in-depth anlalysis of the requirements and deliverabes post which we give our time and cost estimates. Intence quality check is done at each and every phase of the project.

Latest Technology & Experienced Staff

We have experts for every area and job. Also the tools we use are the latest which enable us to provide best service.

Timely Delivery

We are very punctual and make sure all the time-lines are met.

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  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
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  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
    We have had the pleasure of working with Union Building Services U.S.  Inc. on many projects for the past 15+ years. They provides a service which combines pro-active, positive construction services at the highest level of quality. Always with a keen understanding of their client’s requirements and a superlative professional management structure.  From our experiences we would not hesitate to offer our recommendation for using Union Building Services U.S. Inc. on a future projects.
    Alexander Giron
    Synergy Solutions
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
    I run a corporate office in NYC and over the past 10 years UBS has been my company’s go to contractor.  UBS has met all needs including plumbing, electrical, painting, construction and more.Their prices are always reasonable and beat out other price gauging bids no matter what the job.  Their team of professionals are great to work with.  They are fair and hardworking!  I’ve learned a lot over the years as they always take time to explain, in detail, the necessary steps to complete the job they were hired to do. UBS is RELIABLE!  Jobs are done the way they are promised and jobs are completed when they are expected to be.  UBS takes client relationships very seriously and they are not satisfied with their work unless the client is. I’m grateful to have the UBS team on call for all my corporate needs!
    Claudia Nieves
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
    Union Building Services US Inc has been a valuable resource for us and our clients in both general contracting and maintenance services. Often exceeding expectations, they’re precise, professional and quick to respond to each request with a through follow up. The benefits are the personal attention each project receives and their ability in meeting deadlines. In working with Art and Dan Solari for over a decade, we will continue to rely on their expertise and recommend them without exception.
    Thomas Pedecine
    Design + 2
  • Union Building Services US, Inc
    For the past 6 years I have used Union Building Services US Inc. on many occasions for various types of projects such as building offices throughout our warehouse to a complete LED retrofit, and have found them to be very conscientious and thorough in their work with excellent attention to detail. I would happily recommend them as a trustworthy and sensibly priced construction company, a rare breed in today's market place.
    Scott D.
    Clarins Group

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We are a building maintenance and construction company located in New Jersey and providing services in entire New York City.

We have several decades of experience of providing quality services and have helped several hundred clients.

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